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Oluwasegun Ogunsakin writes his first blog about his leadership story with Cross Borders Leadership

My name is Oluwasegun Ogunsakin a current fellows at CBL 2.0 fellowship.

Growing up as a passionate youth in Nigeria, I have always had the zeal to impact people’s lives, especially children. I have loved to influence and support the educational needs of children through strong advocacy that will ensure equity and justice for continuous learning. Although of, challenges are everywhere, especially for children living in low-income communities in Nigeria.

My passion for applying for the Cross Border Leadership Fellowship came out of the zeal to build up my leadership skills in early childhood education and deliver sustainable quality education for the children I am working with. Children deserve the best leadership to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills and development. With my collaborative effort, I have moved the children learning to the best.

In my experience with Cross Border Leadership as a fellow, I have acquired a lot of learning that is presently helping me work well with the children. This includes mentorship and training both in group and in general activity. Also, those training enable me to have more knowledge in leading a course for children's inclusive education.

Through the fellowship, I have been well equipped and supported in my understanding of leadership in early childhood education and the various innovative capacity planning and educational development methods for children. This knowledge is valuable to me in ensuring that quality education is delivered and accessible to children, especially those living in vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

I am looking forward to building more of my leadership capacity in early childhood education with solid advocacy. More so, all skills and knowledge are a big win for me to implement a more sustainable project that concerns children's education in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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1 Comment

Dimple George
Dimple George
May 29, 2022

Inspiring read. Thank you for sharing your story, Oluwasegun.

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