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The CBL Story

The strong belief in the power of education is the reason why CBL is here today! 

Instead of being stuck, the pandemic was the inspiration to go beyond the limits drawn for us in our countries and invest in the power

that a collective can have. Supported by inspiring people and worldwide strategies and resources, the CBL is built to create

a community of international leaders from across the world to learn and work together on solutions for their local problems.


Through different programs and activities, the Cross Borders Leadership reflects the practical meaning of leadership with social purpose.


Using the transformational leadership concept in a global context, CBL gathers educators to build a unified community to work together on practical community projects while exchanging learning.


On another level of leadership, CBL focuses on coaching and mentoring skills in order to boost the teachers’ performance and critical thinking. Thus improving the quality of education, in different countries around the world.


Cross Borders Leadership will build a community of globally minded educator-leaders from around the world who are capable of providing better quality education in their contexts through social and transformational leadership practices.

© Cross Borders Leadership (CBL)
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