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The Lebanese Charitable Service Association established since 1993

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The Lebanese Charitable Service Association has a vision to build a community of like - minded leaders locally and internationally  who are capable of enhancing their communities through, better quality education, health services, and social work.

It worked for more that 20 years in the social work in Lebanon. Its mission consists of providing humanitarian, social, and health support, and establishing centers for healing from drug abuse, delivering educational training and implementing different kind of activities that contribute in building the society. 

Establishing and licensing a charitable dispensary that provides free health services to those in need and lead vaccination campaigns

Launching the free Ramadan table project

Launching the Child Happiness Project to celebrate Children's and Mother's Day national occasions, and holidays 

Launching the cultural chain project for care and rehabilitation

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The Lebanese Charitable Service Association after 2020

After the pandemic and due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, the LCSA has paused its activities. In 2020, the Cross Borders Leadership was created to build a global community for educators to get connected and keep on learning and impacting despite the pandemic and all the challenges. The strong belief in the power of education for solving societal problems is the reason why LCSA decided to empower the Cross Borders Leadership (CBL) program and create other impactful programs as well. We changed the logo for a fresh start and we initiated new programs.

Under CBL, LCSA organizes a fellowship for teachers' leadership through transformational practices in different countries for impacting knowledge and behavior. Also, teachers' coaching and mentoring program for impacting the educators' mindsets toward their roles in the classroom, and youth leadership program that aims to boost our adult students' social skills. 

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