CBL Pilot Fellowship 2021

10 Fellows (70% from the Teach For All network) and 5 volunteer coaches (all from the Teach For All network ) joined the pilot. The Pilot covered seven countries, providing rich global context and diversity.
White Crosses

The fellows' achievements

Teach for Lebanon fellow's classroom

A citizenship and leadership values curriculum co-delivered between teachers in the UK and Lebanon. Exchanged resources and experiences between UK and Lebanon educators led to an activity implemented by "Leen Hdeib" from Teach for Lebanon, to enhance the kids' citizenship and leadership skills.

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The international collaboration tested by the fellows

Taking it to a next level, the fellows designed and led an online workshop for educators from around the world to explore the Learning Through Playing concept in different countries. The fellows offered the multinational attendees opportunity to see classroom in the UK with the 360 degree technic, learn about new initiative and projects happening around the world and discussing scenarios in order to exchange together international strategies and experiences.

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Reading at home with parental engagement

2 teachers from the UK were able, through exchanged international strategies from other fellows, to motivate students to read at home through sending, to their houses, stories and engaging the parents in their children's reading evaluation using a specific tracker. This project has led to  an increase from 10% to 70% of families reading at home.

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The pilot's Impact

Building a global community: 

100% Fellows want to remain connected. 82% felt connected to a global community of early childhood educators following the Pilot. One UK educator said: "I developed my understanding of education in different parts of the world and worked alongside fellow educators to better develop my practice." 

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Professional development through global fellowships: 

100% Fellows feel confident identifying and designing innovations for their context. 

“This collaboration helped me a lot to learn from sector experts." Educator, Bangladesh “I gained skills in implementing intervention and adapting where needed. Getting to the root of problem.” Educator, UK "This project was irreplaceable due to the uniqueness in the delivery of the training itself or the 2 months project. It unleashed our potential to make a great impact.” Educator, Lebanon

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