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Farah Mhanna

Founder of the Cross Borders Leadership

An ambitious and dedicated person always keen to inspire, support and create opportunities out of any challenge. 

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Afeez Iyiola

 Cross Borders Leadership Mentoring and Coaching Expert 

The CBL Alumni

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Danielle Clarke

The UK

"More outdoor play for children to improve the nursery settings amid lack of resources within nurseries"

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Shruti Manerker


"More focus on the ECE to redefine the attention given to designing effective learning opportunities for children and educators with the aim to sustain their meaningful engagement here"

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Gowtham Reddy


"If I could change on thing, it would be that irrespective of where a child is born, every child has a safe and developmentally appropriate early childhood experience"

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Mahjubah Marzan

Teach for Bangladesh

" Perspective on gender roles and gender based violence"

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Gabriela Romero Ch.


"Make bilingual early childhood education accessible for all families, especially the ones with low income"

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Anupa Gnanakan


"I would change how the country looks at Early Childhood Education, and for it to be given equal importance as high school and higher education"

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Oluwasegun Ogunsakin

Teach for Nigeria

"More awareness to the importance of the children at the early stages of development in Nigeria"

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Hannah Salt

The UK

"Children have equal opportunities of success through allowing them to move to the next stage of their education when they are ready to rather than when their age dictates that they should"

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Clara Omol

Teach for Kenya

"Ensure there are more teachers in schools with training opportunities and adequate learning resources "

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Paulinus Goodness Nebeife

Teach for Nigeria

"Get the government to invest more in ECE especially in the rural communities who can't afford private school education"

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Emmanuel Onu

Teach for Nigeria

"Focus on education policies to increase budgetary allocation for education to make it accessible for the growing number of out-of-school kids in Nigeria"

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Shehu Hilda Duniya

Teach for Nigeria

"If given the opportunity to change something in this sector it is allowing children to begin school from 3 years instead of 5 years in Nigeria"

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Asif Amer

Teach for Bangladesh

"The pandemic, despite its challenges, has opened up a world of possibilities by collapsing geographical boundaries and connecting us as a community like never before. Through this fellowship I hope to learn as much as contribute through the collective experience of various members of this group"

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Larissa Wicker

Teach for Austria

"It is an amazing experience to awaken the potential in yourself and others"

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Dimple George


"I want every early childhood educator and caregiver to feel supported, equipped, and empowered to help children achieve their full potential"

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Romi Nakkeran

The UK

"Trust teachers, they know their children. We don't need paperwork to prove everything!"

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Afeez Iyiola

Teach for Nigeria

"I want every child at the early age to be self aware and have access to quality education"

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Nayeli M.Rodriguez-Leonardo

Teach for Mexico

"Give more relevance to the national curriculum and provide educators the resources needed to develop evidence-based programs focused on the socio-emotional development for children and parents"

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Patience Osinaike


"Empower the Early Childhood Educators' approach to working with children and families"

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Dr R.Poornima

Teach for India

" While there's evidence of apply theory to practice, there's a strong need to churn our practice based theories in order to establish validity and proof points of excellence in teacher practices"

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Ratul Chowdhury


"Ensure there is mandatory early childhood education for children under 5 years old"

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Charles Oyet Omoya


"Change the learning environment into one where children's creativity and collaboration are treasured. Additionally children are allowed to play and make mistakes"

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Sayantan Chowdhury


"Going back to India's indigenous roots and reviving traditional practices and rites of passages concerning early childhood education in families. Using that and modernizing it with neuroscience and trauma-informed healing approaches to bring a meritocratic, materialistic society ti its more innocent, humane roots for the sake of the children"

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Rajat Bagga 


"I understand the importance of data to solve complex business and social problems"