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Consistency pays off!

The initiative you'll learn about below was only possible by the passion of the Capernaum Baptist School System principal Jimmy S. Frank, Teach for Libera Alumna, and Teach for Liberia's CEO, Ms.Alicia-Ann Ceasar.

When trying to build a sustainable community of educators-leaders, we want to make sure all educators can have access to learning and growth opportunities.

As part of its mission to impact the educators' behavior, CBL invests in any resource to carve the path of development for all teachers in the world.

This year, alongside the learning programs and supported by our partnership with Teach for Liberia, CBL procured some tech materials and internet subscription for the Capernaum Baptist School System in Liberia.

We are so proud of what we could achieve as we strive to serve the educators better and become able to satisfy more learning needs.

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