CBL Fellowship 2.0 - 2021/2022

A 6 months fellowship program, Feb '22- June '22, is launched with more than 30 fellows and mentors from 9 different countries from around the world. Our leaders are working, after a focused professional development sessions, on the designing and implementing of their community projects. The fellows are organized in 5 hubs of expert mentors, where they are receiving close follow up on their project and continuous quality check ups. The hubs are diversified in background, cultures and themes so the fellows can get the best out of this experience. 

CBL 2.0 Leaders

CBL 2.0 Leaders

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Fellows and Alumni leading sessions

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Shruti Manerker

Larissa Wicker

Faqrul Islam

CBL 2.0 Fellows and Mentors celebrated the completion of their fellowship!  

CBL 2.0 fellows and mentors are true leaders promoting and reflecting the real meaning of educators' leadership, they are my own inspiration and the reason why CBL keeps on growing.

This fellowship generated 17 community projects designed and implemented by CBL's very own fellows and mentors. Adding the personal and professional development that the fellows and the mentors gained during the fellowship. 

These outcomes, and more, are just the start of the change that we want to see in our educators' behaviors as leaders...

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